Mecurio – Ankle Lock #15

• Indicated for light trauma of the ankle mortise.
• Can be completely adjusted, to meet the desired level of compression.
• Has a close/snug fit and will easily fit inside any shoe.
• Is Neoprene free and will not retain perspiration.
• Is hypo-allergenic and will not cause irritation when worn directly on the skin.
• One size fits all and can be worn on both the right and/or left foot.

Strenua – Extra Ankle Lock #16

• Traumatic pathologies: dislocations – distortions and sub-luxation of the ankle.
• Rehab phase: passive support for the ankle during late functional rehab phase.
• Strongly indicated for use during sport, prevents excessive pronation / supination of the ankle.

Salto – Ankle Stabilizer #17

• Traumatic pathologies: distortions – tendonitis – luxations.
• Rehab phase: passive support for the ankle functional rehab, it controls inversion and eversion movements of the ankle.