Good day and thank you for your product.
I’m “disabled veteran”, I put in in quotes because I’m overall very healthy, however I did sustain some injuries in the military and had a couple bad surgeries on my elbows. The #139 brace (I think this is a new design as the ones I’ve always used are blue) has been God sent for me. These are the only braces that have helped me stay semi-active with my injuries. I wear right and left and I’m able to moderately work out which is amazing.
I was writing to ask if you provide any type of discounts on your product? I would say the elasticity lasts only about 4-6 months (depending on my frequency) and then it’s time to buy another pair. I’ve probably gone through 6 pairs already. I appreciate your time and response. Either way, thanks so much for this great product which has given me part of my life back.

Jamie Glickman
Master Sergeant of Marines
UNC at Chapel Hill, Alumni

ARMSElbow #139

Epicondylitis Brace


This Epicondylitis Brace has been designed and produced as a support and protective device for tendon and joint inflammations either caused by trauma, stress or excessive fatigue. For the development of this device, two special fabrics have been matched:
• The inside fabric is made from a soft breathable microfiber, extremely comfortable to the skin.
• The fabric on the outside, made with a particular and dense nylon mesh forming microscopic and resistant loops, allows the Velcro to securely fasten on the surface.
Due to the specific construction, this brace can be worn and positioned very easily. The tension should be adjusted taking care not to slow down the normal circulation of blood. The pressure of the inside pad, which needs to be positioned immediately below the insertion of the tendon, relieves pain by diminishing the stress on muscles, tendons and ligaments.
Patented M-Brace technology. This Epicondylitis Brace is manufactured in accordance with the primary requirements set under the European Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices and in accordance with the Italian law (LD 24th February 1997, No. 46) introducing the same EU Directive.


• For radial and medial epicondylitis, pathologies of the elbow tendons. Reduces pain by diminishing tension on muscles and ligaments.
• Can be used as a preventive measure during sports or during rehab phase.
• Easily adjustable compression.
• Fits on both arms.
• Adjustable pad.